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Gruham Developers

Gruham’s logo incorporates all four essential elements of Nature, namely Earth, Water, Wind and Fire, as visible from house window. All these elements are responsible for bringing stability, support, shelter and prosperity to our home.

These four elements have been very thoughtfully integrated in the logo in order to convey the foundational message of Homes designed and developed by Gruham, Homes that are delivered with a prayer that they are always full of Happiness and Prosperity and provide a stable growth and shelter to its occupants. We understand the action-packed lives of couples living life on the first track. The lives of achievers, who not only know how to dream but also how to achieve them. The lives of Winters who love to set ambitious goals and then enjoy not achieving those goals but surprising them – each and every time raising the bar on none other but themselves.

Rejoice & Celebrate

Invite your friends and near and dear ones, party all night long with them and let the Clubhouse take care of all your Party Needs, because we at Gruham also believe in your Philosophy – Work Hard and Party Harder… So right from exotic Menus, to theme parties, to MCs and entire Event Management, Gruham Garden Valley will be your single most loved place for Celebration on Earth…


Set in the middle of Agricultural Farmland, these Mini Farm-houses will take you through a journey down the Memory Lane… ‘Nani Maa’s Courtyard, Kaka’s Shoulder, Kites and Mangoes, and all the friends with whom your day would never end and fun was always in the Air… Come, relax and breathe the same Clean Air and Relax your Mind, Body and Soul


Relive the lost moments with your family, come together for fun, laughter, create the magic moments and enjoy the silent moments of togetherness… Come and Drown in the Magic Waters of Passion…


Connect with the Nature and absorb the power and Fire of the Rising Sun, with a conducted Yoga Session… Rejuvenate your Senses and Body at the World Class Spa facilities at our Fully Equipped Clubhouse, ...specially designed and equipped to provide you the Energy and Boost and prepare you for the Week Ahead. Fully Managed and Assisted Gym Facilities, Personal Trainers, Swimming Coaches will all come together and give you a Workout that will Recharge you for more Victories… Come, let the fire in your belly multiply with the Fire in in your Body…

Vivid Description:

  • Gruham group of companies will be recognized worldwide in next 16 years
  • We will be known as customer driven company providing quality product and services.
  • We will have qualified and enthusiastic professionals, they will be proven our core assets, we will be one of the top 10 companies in industries which we serve.
  • By 2035 Gruham will have its presence and working units across India.
  • Gruham will be Great Place To Work (GPTW) and will become the first preference amongst talented people to work with
  • Gruham group will leave its mark and become a benchmark as fastest growing company.

Gruham Manifesto:

  • Today is a great day to build Gruham
  • Today I will delegate all the junk activities& focus on the revenue generating activities.
  • I will work towards the vision of Gruham & live up to the values.
  • I will work towards my action plan and do exactly what I am supposed to do every year, every month & every week of my life.
  • Today onwards I will work to take all the resources used by me from a lower level to a higher level to achieve what I have set out to achieve.
  • I will strive to acquire the best potential from the market & contribute in making Gruham, a world class organization.
  • Today onwards I will follow the steps of selling & go beyond the sales targets.
  • I will work towards being the best team member with whom people enjoy working & take Gruham to the next level.
  • I hereby abide to work hard with complete dedication &commitment & promise to build a success story for myself & Gruham.
  • I surrender myself to Gruham for giving me the direction & guidance to fulfil my dreams and aspirations.
  • Good morning, I am Gruham.

Gruham Pledge:

  • I will always be result oriented
  • I will live the life of a creator, constantly purifying myself by building equanimity between my physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual personalities and by imbibing all the qualities of nature in me
  • I promise to tap the infinite potential in me by developing unlimited beliefs by acquiring such levels of knowledge that will help me to take personal responsibility for my actions, myself, the people around and the environment around me.
  • I will always remain productive by overcoming any worry or stress, and by always being unafraid of the consequences while doing the most righteous things.
  • I will pledge to commit and then think and responsibly do what has been committed.
  • To enhance my external personality, I will sharpen my memory, master my communication skill to target the right audience to create the desired impact in the best possible time.
  • When I encounter challenging situations, I will focus on solving the problems rather than defending myself.
  • I’ll work to make my team and my management successful. I’ll help create the opportunities of learning and facilitate resources with my best capacity
  • I’ll take the ownership of the task that I’m responsible for.
  • I pledge to do all the above in all times because I AM GRUHAM…!!!

Core values:

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Converting Challenges in Business Opportunities
  • Learning Attitude
  • Finish What You Start Even if Resolutions Take Time.
  • integrity
  • Customer Delight
  • Commitment

Core Purpose:

  • “To provide most advanced and need based real estate solutions to our customers.”

Vision (BHAG) Big Hairy Audacious Goal:

  • “To become one of the top 10 real estate companies in India by 2035.”

Brand Promise:

  • “100% Value for money”