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Mukesh Motisariya


A young, suave, intelligent and forward-looking gentleman started his professional journey by contributing for his family business of textile and diamond. Despite living in a house full of amenities, he felt something was missing.

Haresh Motisariya

Managing Director

A visionary and determined individual charted a similar professional career. Both brothers felt the urge to contribute to society.

Ketan Paladiya

Co - Director

Is a proactive and disciplined individual for whom work mattered more than the name.

M.D.'s Message


“Help others achieve their dream and you will achieve yours.”

Dear friends, colleagues and valued customer,

It’s my pleasure to communicate with you all, on behalf of Gruham let me share few insights of our company. From humble beginnings in 2011, Gruham has been on an epic journey towards business excellence and its promise to deliver the very best to its customers. Gruham’s goal depicts its vision to become a company which provides the best quality product in affordable price to its discerning customers and also resembles a sign of care towards its employees and business partners.

Today Gruham has taken various initiatives in building world class infrastructural facilities for smooth and efficient operations. Focus on providing modern amenities to enable business operations and best quality. Our satisfaction lies in the happy faces of our customers. Everyday we wish to work hard like never before and we are sure profits will follow.

As a forward looking professional company, we believe on planning for the long term & have a well laid out HR policy for our employees. Our people are the key to our success and we take measured steps to build skill and efficiency in our staff to help them achieve their professional goals.

As for the future I would like to announce that Gruham would grow in a speed no one has ever thought before, we know there will be challenges but we are sure we will come out as Winners..!!

I along with the entire team at Gruham invite you to the world of Gruham.

Best wishes
Managing Director